I guess the only time I write in this is when I have an interesting dream that I want to write down.
I was with my old boss at an FM transmitter site that was a very old tower in Long Island Sound.  The actual transmitter and everything was in a huge old metal sphere and was only about 20 feet above the water.  He sent me up to change a fuse or something which was a pain since I had to take something apart and then keep all the pieces I took apart from falling.  I remember seeing WEIE painted on a few things, as well as there being a lot of junk around, like a few old lawnmowers and transmitter pieces the previous engineer kept around.  This morning I looked up WEIE and it doesn't exist, no AM, FM, TV or even historical call signs.

In other news I'm in the third week of Education classes at BSC. The two classes I have are quite interesting, but the reserch one I have is going to be really tough.

-Live Long and Prosper

Cool Dream

I just had a really nifty dream and I want to write it down before I forget:
It started off that I was out with my parents at a lake, we 'borrowed' someone's boat and took it around. For some reason I was wearing a suit. We took a break from the boat and I got all wet, and I was annoyed that I got my phone and suit wet, and when we went back to the boat it had broken into a few pieces, so I had to go around and pick them up and try to put the boat back together.  In the process I gave my dad a bad cut on his right ankle.
I got annoyed again and walked off and told them I would meet up with them latter, at a restaurant or something, I think this was supposed to be Pembroke at this point.  Now I had on shorts and a white T-shirt and I started walking through the woods. I was walking for awhile and the path was dirt, straight, and flat like an old railroad bed. I noticed a river on my left through some trees and after awhile some old railroad tracks on my right. Then the tracks merged with the path I was on and two or three more tracks appeared. I kept walking down them until suddenly I came across the train station that had been turned into a greenhouse.  It was an immense building made out of tinted glass with a very high ceiling.  The sides were taken down to make room for the plants. There were also a lot of people there looking at and buying plants.  I stared in wonder at the ceiling as people walked around me, then I tried to ask one of the people who worked there (who looked a little like a skinny Santa Claus) about the history of the place but he just laughed at me, asked if I was going to buy anything and walked off. 
Then I woke up.
Maybe I should get into trains.
Anyway, tons of stuff has been going on with my job and living situation but I don't really want to talk about it in this thing until it settles down. 

-Live Long and Prosper

(no subject)

So, I've taken a little over a month off from work, it's kinda cool to be mock-unemployed, but I'm starting to not look forward to going back, but bills have to be paid, right? Sofi (our cat) is really enjoying all the extra attention and she gets pissed when we even leave for a few hours. Even right now she's curled up on my belly taking a nap, it's really cute.
I'm not really sure what's happening in the near future. I'm thinking of going back to school to be an Elementary School Teacher, I don't really know why and I'm not sure I'll be good at it, but it's a good masters degree to shoot for and I think I'll be good at teaching little kids, and having summers off will be awesome.
This week I chopped a crap load of wood with a pneumatic wood splitter. Even though the machine does the splitting for you it's still a lot of work hauling the wood onto the thing and then back off it.
The cat rolled over so it's a little harder to type, it's probably her way of saying 'stop doing that and love me!', so I think I shall.
-Live Long and Prosper
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Hi all, 5 months later I'm back at MGH waiting for Crystle, this time for longer. The brain surgery in April didn't fully work, so she's back again for a little more radical of a procedure. I planned to take off 3 weeks of work which blossomed into a full month after I got fed up with work, and I'm glad I did since I needed the time with Crystle to fully logistically and emotionally prepare for today's surgery.
Lets look at the other stuff that's happened since April. I got married to Crystle, a nice private ceremony on Gooseberry Island which is about a mile down from Horseneck beach in Westport on August 1. Then had a half week long honeymoon on the Vineyard when we ran out of money and came home. This is one reason why I'm very happy to use every single sick day and vacation day and even unpaid FMLA time to get away from work.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back to UMass this spring and quit work and get a real degree. I've been very enthused for the past couple months about being and Elementary school teacher, I might also just go back for what I originally went for, Engineering. So, I think in the Spring I'll take the two pre-rec classes for teaching, as well as a couple 'remedial' math courses and see where it goes, I might hate both and beg for my job back in the middle of the semester, we'll see.
Ok, there was a ton of other things I was thinking of, but since I only got about an hours sleep last night, I can't remember them.
-Live Long and Prosper
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Well, the last time I updated this was in February, and this is a good of a time as any to put more in.
Crystle came back from China after 2 and a half weeks, instead of coming back 2 and a half months later on May 1st. There were a few reasons for this, the biggest being they moved her 45 minutes out of Beijing to a satellite campus on a landfill next to one of the most polluted places in China. The campus itself was quite nice, but you could go out of the compound without and escort, it just wasn't nice. They still want her back for this fall, we'll see how it goes.
Fast forward to today, she is in the recovery room of MGH after having a 9am Transsphenoidal Hypophysectomy, otherwise known as brain surgery to take out a tumor on her pituitary gland. She seems ok so far, there was chance she might loose her sight, but it looks good so far.
Compared to that my life is kinda boring, Frank is on vacation till tomorrow, so I just pray that nothing goes terribly wrong till he or I can get back there. I'm having a 3.8 meter satelitte dish put in in Groton, and I'm helping put in a new automation system in New Bedford and New London.
Now, to keep waiting!

-Live Long and Prosper
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Sooooooo Busy

First chance I've had to update in awhile. Here are the highlights I can remember in chronological order:
Found a 4 year old chihuahua at the Springfield MSPCA 2 Sundays ago that Crystle and I adopted and brought home Wednesday and took back Saturday because she turns unexpectedly and wants to kill you.
Slept over in the New London office last week which was surprisingly comfortable.
Now the biggest news, last week Crystle got a job offer to teach English in Beijing starting this coming Monday. After wrestling with her classes and whatnot we took the 2am Lucky Star bus from South Station to New York on Presidents Day to get to the Chinese Consulate when they opened to get an emergency Visa. Then I took today off to help her with the finishing touches and then drove her to Burlington where her Mom drove us to Logan to catch a 8:10pm British Airways flight to London, then a 9 hour layover, and then another 12 hour or so flight to Beijing. So I got the apartment to myself for the next 2 and a half months till May 1st.
Oh yea, I also made use of the Circuit City sales and bought her a nice Nikon P50 today for the trip.

Anyway, enough of an update. 'Night.
-Live Long and Prosper
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Going better

Well, updating at work, but it's good news. Got the passenger window replaced on Friday, then the windshield started to crack, so I got that replaced today, but it's all covered under insurance so it's all good. Also, work is buying me a new GPS to replace the one that got stolen! Yey!
Oh yea, Christmas wasn't bad, got a new bluetooth headset, a Jawbone, it's cool and I'm still getting used to it. Crystle had a horrible time in Boston at Dim Sum, so we went on Sunday to make up for it, which turned out awesome even though the friends we were going to go with never showed up, so we ordered whatever we wanted and didn't spend all that much.
So life is good!

-Live Long and Prosper
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